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SecureStay Damage Waiver

Property Protect designs and sells insurance for short-term rental properties.

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What's covered

The SecureStay policy provides coverage for 'unintentional' damage to the vacation home during your stay.

Furniture, Appliances, Decor, Flooring, Windows, and other interior items. For example broken lamps, windows and glass, electronics, damaged doors, walls, and furniture, stained bedding or linens, lost keys, and re-keying costs.


There is coverage under the plan for theft which is caused by any person other than the guest and traveling companions if a police report is provided.


This policy can cover pet damage as long as having pets on the property is not considered a breach of the lease agreement. Pet damage is not covered if the pet's presence in the rental violates the rental agreement.

Predictable coverage for the unpredictable

Coverage for listings in all 50 states

Owners are notified when guests purchase a policy

Quick and efficient claims processing

Higher coverage limits than most security deposits

Online portal for digital claims processing

No cost to owners

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Policy Plans


$1500 Coverage
upto 30 days

Per stay

$0 deductible


$3000 Coverage
upto 30 days

Per stay

$0 deductible


$3000 Coverage
upto 180 days

Per stay

$0 deductible

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Frequently asked questions

How are SecureStay Waivers purchased?

Property Managers can collect the policy fee at the time of booking and purchase the policy on behalf of the guest through their SecureStay dashboard. Or Property Managers can share their referral link with guests to have the guest purchase the policy directly. Once a policy is purchased the property manager and the guest will each receive a confirmation email with the policy PDF included.

Security Deposit Waiver policies cover damage or theft during a guest stay. There are two policies available: $39 for $1,500 in coverage, $0 deductible and $49 for $3,000 in coverage, $0 deductible. Please click here for policy inclusions / exclusions. SecureStay waivers do not cover additional housecleaning expenses.

Our policies are designed to cover damage and theft. For catastrophic damage or liability please refer to your primary homeowner's policy.

Excessive cleaning: regular cleaning fees nor excessive cleaning fees are not covered.

Smoking Deodorization: remediation of smoking or vaping smells are not covered.

Liability: this policy does not include any liability coverage for the property manager or the guest.

Yes, SecureStay damage policies are platform-agnostic and can be used with any booking channel or platform. They are ideal for direct or seasonal booking sites. Most Owners/Property Managers will include their referral link in a booking confirmation message or via email when a guest stays is confirmed.